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We carry out on site machining, in situ machining and portable machining including crankshaft grinding worldwide. Bearings Available World-Wide.
On site machining and in-situ machining (including crankshaft grinding) carried out worldwide, 24 hours a day 365 days per year.
Babbit Bearings - Tri Metal Bearings- Thrust Bearings for Marine, Power, Chemical, and Process Industries.

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We can supply most standard and undersize babbit and tri metal bearings to suit both Marine and Industrial applications.

We supply:-

  • White Metal bearings to any size and specification including any housings required.
  • Tri metal bearings as used on modern high speed and medium speed diesel engines.
  • Bi metal bearings as used in the older diesel engines.
  • Thrust bearings.
  • Roller bearings, including split roller type.
  • Phosphor bronze.

If you need a bearing please fill in the on line form below and we will revert with our best price and delivery. Please note we will require specific information on the make and model of the engine or a manufacturers part number. If you do not have this information (for obscure makes and for certain undersize bearings) we will require full dimensional information, or a spare bearing of the same type to be despatched to us.

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  • Once you have completed the relevent fields please click on the submit button at the bottom of the form.
  • We will contact you by return with our best price and delivery.

Please try to complete the underlined questions with a Green Button  as a minimum. The more you fill in the quicker we can help you.


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If you do not have any part numbers please let us have any dimensions and other information you may have.

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Please indicate the Industry Type that you think your Company Fits into. Please Select one only.
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