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"How We Can Help You Get Your Rotary Process Equipment Up And Running With Minimum Downtime"

With portable equipment our technicians come to your works to repair worn or damaged:- Rotary Kiln Tyres, Support Rollers, Thrust Rollers, Paper Dryer Rolls, Cast Iron Cylinders and Printing Rolls. We do this using our own specialist in-situ linishing equipment.

We also repair:- Ball Mill Journals or Trunnions and their associated Thrust Faces. Our patented Orbital Equipment rotates around the damaged journals using the Radii as a datum.

We are familliar with the following types of rotary kilns, among others. Polysius, F.L.S., Armstrong Vickers, Edgar Allen.

The Benefits!

We come to you:- You do not have to make plans for transport of your kiln tyre rollers or Ball Mills etc. to a workshop.

We save you time:- Some of these repairs can be carried out in as little as 24 hours.

We save you money:-The equipment does not have to be stripped down and transported or re-assembled. The savings on this alone are usually very significant.

We keep your plant running:- Downtime is minimised (in some cases the kiln or dryer can keep running with a full load) so that you can be back in production and earning money much sooner.


Kiln Tyre Repairs
On Site Linish Grinding of a 3000mm diameter Kiln Tyre

3000mm diameter Kiln Tyre being Linished
Large Picture
What is a Kiln Tyre?
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  • We repair kiln tyres with diameters ranging from 500mm up to 10M using our on site equipment.
  • Our linishing equipment can be set up to grind your tyre in a matter of hours.
  • Alignment of kilns can be undertaken using optical equipment or laser alignment techniques. Tyres can be ground specifically to ensure the kiln runs true.
  • Stock removal of up to 25mm or greater on diameter can be achieved if required.
  • A full welding service can be provided including excavation of cracks, an approved re-welding procedure and finish grinding.

Top Kiln Tyre Support Rollers

  • Support rollers that have suffered wear can be ground in-situ using our specialist linishing equipment.
  • Fabrication of supports and mountings is also undertaken.
  • A full welding service can be provided including excavation of cracks, rewelding and finish grinding.
  • Grinding of the thrust rollers can also take place in-situ.
What is a Roller?
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Kiln Tyre Roller being Linished In-Situ.

Kiln Tyre Roller being Linished In-Situ.
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 Thrust Face and Seal Area RepairsTop

762mm diameter Ball Mill Journal after In-situ Machining and Polishing including Thrust Faces and Seal areas.

Thrust Faces and Seal Areas after Machining.
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Need undersized bearings?

What is a Seal Area?
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  • Grinding or machining and polishing of thrust faces is a common requirement on Ball Mills. This can take place at the same time that we repair your Bearing Journal, or as a separate contract.
  • Badly damaged seal areas can be Selectively Plated or Metal Sprayed in-situ and then machined and polished back to the original dimensions
  • Seal faces are often located close by and these can also be machined and polished in-situ.

Top Ball Mill Journal Repairs

  • Grinding or machining and polishing of Ball Mill journals is one of our specialities. Our repairs are guaranteed to be completed to OEM (original equipment manufacturers) tolerances and surface finish specifications.
  • We cater for diameters of 200mm up to 1500mm.
  • We also have special equipment to cope with unusual tapered journals.

What is a Ball Mill?
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In-Situ Machining of a 1500mm diameter Ball Mill Journal

Machining of a 1500mm diameter Ball Mill Journal
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Need undersized bearings?


 Linish Grinding of Cast Iron CylindersTop

Linishing a 1.75M diameter by 4M long Cylinder.

Linishing a 1.75M dia' by 4M long Cylinder.
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Need undersized bearings?

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  • Grinding of large diameter Cast Iron and steel Cylinders from the Paper, Printing and Extrusion industries can be carried out in-situ.
  • We can impart a specific surface finish and geometric tolerance to conform to whatever the customer requires.
  • Several types of local repair can be carried out by means of Selective Electroplating and Metal Spraying. The surface can then be ground or superfinished to conform exactly with the original profile.
We Also Offer The Following ServicesTop
  • Kiln alignment surveys. This includes checks on kiln elevation, plan view alignment, base slope, roller slope, girth gear runout, tyre migration and surface inspection.
  • On completion of the survey we will present our findings and make recommendations on correction, if required. Adjustments can then be made to bring the kiln back into alignment.
  • Central to this service is the use of Optical and Laser Alignment methods.
We also offer the following:-

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